The Body Bump has been created to keep bumps safe and secure and to offer total comfort for mums from early pregnancy.

The Body Bump is a non-ride-up pregnancy garment that is designed around the mother. Jane explains: “Our maternity slip is designed to move with you. The Body Bump is perfectly designed to give your bump a hug.”

Designed with a light, seamless support, the slip is washable and pings back into shape. It has multiple uses, so it’s also great for the gym, yoga and running with its breathable fabric.

Suitable for all mums-to-be and nursing mothers, The Body Bump is a stylish, yet practical must-have for any maternity wardrobe. The Lycra blend material means that the slip is comfortable yet supportive, fashionable yet simple.

Jane explains how she and her daughter Lucy came up with the concept: “A lot of pregnancy brands focus on the baby and forget about the mum, and we wanted to change that. The Body Bump is the perfect versatile support for mummies’ tummies through pregnancy, post-partum and beyond.”

Lucy and Jane are both from Cheltenham. Lucy graduated from Birmingham City University with a fashion retail degree, and since then the mother and daughter duo have run an aesthetics clinic in Cheltenham.

Lucy explains how The Body Bump came about: “Our main focus is wellbeing with all our products and we have interacted with women and their needs all our lives, so through listening to them The Body Bump was born. There is nothing like it and we wanted to create something that takes women from the start of their pregnancies right through to the end.”

Jane and Lucy say they inspire each other, enjoy client relations, both love clothes and share the same ideas.

Lucy adds: “We want to make people feel good. The Body Bump started its life as a go-to durable slip for any woman to wear as a casual garment but swiftly received acclaim from scores of pregnant women who were thrilled with its forgiving stretchy material. With its adjustable length, it is the perfect garment for celebrating a baby bump.

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